Northwest Indiana Seeing Steady Rise in Coronavirus Cases

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As Coronavirus cases continue to rise, many people with and without Covid-19 symptoms are choosing to be tested. At Northwest Indiana ER & Hospital, along with a wide range of hospital services including advanced imaging and clinical services, patients can take advantage of Rapid Antigen Covid-19 testing as well as Rapid IGG and IGM antibody testing. At our facility, patients are greeted by staff promptly upon arrival and the wait time is minimal. At NW Indiana ER & Hospital, we strive to have rapid test results available in 30 minutes or less.

Northwest Indiana continues to see a steady rise in the number of Coronavirus cases reported. The region, which includes Lake, Porter, LaPorte, Newton and Jasper counties, has seen cases rise nearly every day for the past two weeks according to NBC Chicago. The unfortunate reality is that this alarming uptick is also being widely reported nationwide and all over the world. According to the Pan American Health Organization, Covid-19 cases were up 20% just last week in the Americas.

“Its extremely alarming” said CEO Dr. Scott Samlan when asked about the recent spike in cases. “This is why we’re working around the clock to get everyone that desires a test expedited results, we know that with efficient testing, we can do our part in slowing the spread of Covid-19” added Samlan.

In these unprecedented times, we encourage everyone to wear masks in public, practice social distancing, and avoid large gatherings. Click here to learn more or visit NW Indiana ER & Hospital at 7904 Cabela Drive to be tested for Covid-19.


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